Flecheiras / Mundaú

Flecheiras is known for its fish corrals and natural pools formed at low tide.

Mundaú has incredible natural beauty and a wonderful sunset that can be seen from the strip of sand, the viewpoint (which allows dives), or the dunes.

Rustic and exotic, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Ceará.


Departure from Fortaleza towards the Rota do Sol Poente. Structuring Highway. Arrival at Mundaú beach.


  • Departures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays (direct to Mundaú)

  • Route: Sol Poente / West Coast

  • Distance from Fortaleza: 147 Km

  • Attractions: sedimentary dunes, coconut trees
  • Support point: Pousada das Marés
  • Support point services: restaurant, pool, lockers

  • Transportation: air-conditioned minibus or van
  • Optional tours: catamaran (duration: approximately 1h30min)


Mundaú (direct)

1. Price per person.

2. Prices for children (CHD): 00 a 02 years(lap child): Free / 03 a 09 years: 50%

3. Preços não incluem: refeições, ingressos e optional tours.

4. Prices valid for the same day return trip.

5. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.

6. Rates subject to change.

7. OceanView is not responsible for optional tours hired at support points.